Why Is Fast Fashion A Bad Thing?

is a reportage-style animated motion piece that is centered around the nightmares of fast fashion.


This project was my graduate project from Vancouver Film School. It’s a minute long motion piece that answers the question “Why Is Fast Fashion A Bad Thing?”.

The Fast Fashion industry is extremely wasteful since it is designed to make you feel out of trend within a week, it disempowers women and exploits our natural resources just to name a few obvious negative effects.
The goal with this piece is to have my target audience be more mindful about where their clothes come from and where they go once they don’t want them anymore.

Tools & Techniques :
After Effects




The nonprofit ReMake was a great inspiration to me throughout the entire process. They are an NPO that is igniting a conscious consumer movement to turn fashion into a force for good and I’m honoured to have them as an official partner for my project.